To Delay is to Lose: #TransUpFront

A transcript from my speech at Chicago’s Trans Liberation March 3/4/17

I made a commitment to my communities to give a speech that is as unapologetically Muslim as it is unapologetically Trans so y’all are just going to have to catch up:

I have spent ten years of my life fighting for trans justice. I have given my life advocating for trans people and marginalized Muslims holding on to the belief that kids today will not have to weather the hell I and my sisters went through ever again. Today, we face a crucible — where if we do not act now, that dream of a better future may be snuffed out.

The Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him said “If you are planting a tree and the day of judgment comes, finish what you started.” We have been planting forests and fields of flowers for our youth, that they might have a better life than we suffer. That our youth can have a future full of life, and security, and jobs and housing and equal rights. A life free of violence from racist pigs and transphobic devils. We have fought tooth and nail building gardens for our children, and they have come to us with chainsaws to cut us down.

Many of us in the trans community have given everything us to protect our youth. We have put our lives on the line for your queer movement — for once it is time for our cisgender accomplices to rise up and join us without abandon. Imam Ali calls on you to “Be an enemy to the oppressors and a helper to the oppressed” and he also said “To delay is to lose”. The day has come. Where are you?

“Do not think that Allah is unaware what unjust people do” [14:42]. They have already come for immigrants, they have already come for Jews and Muslims. They have already come in waves of white supremacist violence and where were you? Sacred Stone Camp has been occupied by water defilers Flint still doesn’t have clean water and where are you? The state has come for our youth. Agent Orange and his like have sprayed poison on our fields of flowers and it is upon us to protect our youth, protect our families, protect our communities by any means necessary.

For their day of judgment will come and we will be ready. Where are you?

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