Interview up on 90 Days, 90 Voices

I am a Muslim because I believe and practice Islam. If I were to change my faith because it was easier, that would be a lie. I can’t be anything but this because Islam is the truth and the light of my life. And there are others of us that feel that way too and understand that kernel of truth in Islam, not the Muslim boogeyman that the Right would have you think of. And not the hegemonic, monolithic Islam that the Wahhabis in Saudi Arabia would have you think of. But the real truth of Islam that’s about faith and justice and equality and doing good deeds in the face of injustice, that Islam we care far too much about it to even consider giving it up. This is a struggle that’s worthwhile because Islam is worth fighting for.

I spoke with 90 Days, 90 Voices about organizing, inclusivity and Islam. Full interview is up on Medium here!

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